Every performance marketer knows “content is king” – that is, when it drives revenue. About 80% of companies in North America share content on social networks as a key part of their marketing strategy and spend approximately 30% of their marketing budget on content and distribution. Despite this allocation, only 21% of companies report that they managed to improve ROI with this strategy. Enter CliClap:

A new platform aims to solve this inherent problem of content ROI: CliClap.  CliClap is the solution that helps companies achieve their business goals with a smart content distribution platform for social media.



With 1.5 billion active users on social networks and about 30% of all website traffic being driven through social platforms, these channels have become a major playing field for marketers. Social networks provide excellent tools and access to a plethora of information that marketers can tap into when promoting content through paid social advertising. The situation is much more challenging when it comes to sharing content organically (non-sponsored), however. In fact, from the time Facebook changed the rules of the game and reduced the number of exposures an organic post on a professional page gets by 2-6%, organizations are finding it more and more difficult to organically boost engagement. Additionally, with an infinite amount of shared content flooding our social media feeds, it’s becoming harder for brands to catch our eyeballs, requiring them to attempt to stand out by focusing more on the quality of the content they post.

CliClap is a SaaS platform that enables companies to add additional content recommendations to every piece of content they share organically on social networks. Companies can even add owned-content recommendations when sharing curated content from around the Web. This solution helps companies generate qualified leads, increase app installs, brand visibility, registration for conferences, and any other digital goal you could think of – simply by sharing content through the CliClap platform.

The best part is that CliClap doesn’t require installation and takes less than 5 minutes to set up.

The team behind CliClap includes: Arie Zaks, CTO, who previously served as an R&D group leader at Verint Systems, and Yonatan Snir, CEO, who brings vast experience in marketing technology and was formerly Director of Global Marketing Operations at NICE Systems.



We sat down with Yonatan to learn more about how CliClap was built and how it’s benefiting marketers across all industries.

How did you come up with the idea for CliClap?

To make a long story short, we spent endless hours researching the subject, interviewing marketers, and analyzing our findings. We realized that, unlike all other marketing channels that can easily prove their value and ROI, social media is still lagging behind and being used mostly for brand awareness. When we looked at the available solutions, we saw that they all focus on efficiency by helping to manage social media channels, but none of them addressed the challenge of turning social media into revenue-driving channels. That’s when we came up with CliClap, which combined Arie’s experience in big data and text analytics and my background in marketing technologies.


How did you initiate your startup?

As with most startups, we started developing the platform during nights and weekends, in between work and family. When we started getting positive feedback from potential customers, we left our day jobs, accelerated the development of the platform and launched an initial version for select customers. Until January 2016 we were developing and funding CliClap on our own, and just recently we raised initial pre-seed funding from an angel investor in the Valley.

 How is your solution different from your competitors?

Existing solutions help manage, measure and distribute content on social networks, but none of them focus on helping marketers meet their business goals and continuously improve their performance. CliClap provides the tools to distribute content on social media, but our #1 focus is helping marketers meet and even exceed their business goals, measure their performance, and understand what works and what doesn’t. Our solution is unique because it allows companies to first of all, share high-quality content, and then, drive engagement with audiences who have shown interest in the content they shared.


For example, let’s say you’re a company that provides a solution for social media management. You share on Facebook an article from AdAge about how marketers keep spending on social media despite the lack of results [click to see a live example]. Your followers who find this topic interesting will click to read the article. Once they get to the page on AdAge, they’ll see at the bottom of the page a recommendation by your company to try out your product for free. It’s as simple as that.

Why do you think companies should invest so much in the distribution of content via social media?

‘Til recently, search was the main source of content consumption. Today, social media has become the number one source for content consumption. When we open our Facebook or Linkedin pages, we want to stay updated on what’s going on in our networks and see high-quality content with no commercials on our feeds. It’s just like when we read the newspaper and skip the ads pages to get straight to the articles. The difference is that on social media the choice is ours: we can choose to unfollow companies/brands who advertise too much or promote low-quality content. These companies not only fail to engage their audiences, but they may also potentially see a decline in the number of followers. Therefore, most companies today manage their social media pages and share content with the understanding that to stand out among the competition, they must provide value to their audience and create relationships and communities.

What feedback have you been getting from your clients so far?

At first it was difficult to explain what we’re doing because it’s an innovative concept. But once we created a demo, our prospective customers had a sort of “aha” moment and anyone who saw the demo wanted to start using the platform. From conversations with existing customers, we also understood that the solution helps users streamline their daily work processes and helps them advance their business goals, such as increase asset downloads, registrations to events, and blog subscribers.

What’s next for CliClap?

We’re focused on achieving two main goals:

  1. Increase the number of customers
  2. Continue to rapidly develop new capabilities in addition to already-existing solutions, and give a competitive edge to anyone who uses CliClap.

Where do you see CliClap in 5 years?

We believe that in five years we’ll be among the three leading companies in the field of content distribution, and we plan to broaden our solution beyond social media channels.

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