Roy Povarchik is a content marketing and growth consultant, founder of the agency “Growth by content” (coming soon). Roy works with startups to help them grow and get more traction to their products.

In addition, Roy is an avid blogger and a contributor to some of the leading marketing blogs in the world with mentions and contributions from Buffer, TIME, Fast Company, The Next Web and more.

1. In your opinion what is a Growth Hacker?

Let’s start by saying this: Growth Hacking is a method, a process. It’s a state of mind, it’s a strategy.

Growth hacking is not one tactic that will suddenly get you from 0 user to 1 million in a month.

A Growth Hacker is someone who can manage the testing process, is familiar enough with all aspects and possible tactic categories for growth (paid, automation, content, SEO, engineering, onboarding process, notification strategy etc.) and who knows how to analyze the potential for every effort and manage the execution.

For me a growth hacker is not necessarily the best CRO experts, or best-paid media manager or whatever. It is the person that knows how to look at all 360 degrees of what is possible to grow, prioritize it, test and analyze.

I think you need to have some basic execution knowledge in every one of the tactics (if you don’t you won’t know what is achievable and how to get creative), but I don’t think you necessarily need to be the best at everything.

The most famous ‘Growth hackers’ are not mastering all growth channels, but are really good at specific ones. So they preach about the tactic they are good at. Usually they will be successful for companies that their skills fit the growth engine for the company.

Some would say customer success is the ultimate growth hack, some will say it’s paid media, community or Funnel optimization.

A growth hacker is one that can review all options, test and analyze the results.

2. Why is Growth Hacking important?

Growth hacking is important because the startup landscape is getting more and more competitive. End users are swamped with information and options and you, as a company, need to rise above that noise.

How do you rise above the noise and reach your customers? This depends on product and audience.

A good growth hacker will know how to find the right fit, and to get your product to suit its audience in a way it will outperform competitors (from different aspects) and get traction.

The road to getting there is the hard part. That’s why you need growth hacking.

3. Are you currently Growth Hacking a company, project, app, or startup? If so give us a description and provide a link if you can.

So I’ve been consulting and mentoring startups for a long time. I still am, and I am looking to give a lot of value.

These days I’m working on building a growth agency (no link yet).

In terms of projects – we are currently working with several startups on their growth (yes, we have clients before we officially launch).

You can follow what we do here: and here:

I’m actually also working on growing a new blog, which is more a “behind the scenes access” to everything I do.

This year I’ll be growing the agency, planning on writing my first book and launching two new ventures. So giving the inside story is something I’m very excited about.

You can follow my unfiltered journey here:

4. Describe your typical day, what it looks like and how do you make it productive?

I usually wake up between 06:00-07:00 AM, walk the dogs, take my kid to kindergarten.

Than around 08:00, I sit down to go over my goals for the day, do a quick email check to see what’s important and try to write a piece of content either for my blog or as a guest post. This usually goes on till 10:00AM.

Than, depends on the day, I would either go to meetings with existing clients or prospects, meet and work with my team. I do mentoring for several accelerators in Israel so I would also do that, or give talks. That usually goes on till around 19:00.

I go home, spend some time with my family, than around 22:00 when everybody goes to sleep I would write my daily blog post (as a part of my 365 days writing challenge). Go over emails and do meetings with clients from the U.S. until around 12:00-01:00 AM.

If I’m on a creative streak I can stay up to even 03:00-04:00 AM.

In between everything I try to share valuable content and answer questions on my Twitter or Snapchat account (handle roypovar).

5. What is one habit of yours that makes you more productive?

Since my kid was born 7 months ago, admittedly a lot of my habits just don’t work.

It’s hard meditating at 06:30 AM while a baby is crying in the background, I promise you that.

So in terms of habits, I’m currently exploring new ones.

What still works for me is:

Waking up early


Plan your week/day in advance

Set goals

Be strict with your schedule

Control others access to you

6. What recent trend, marketing strategy, technique excites you the most right now?

One of the trends I’m most excited about these days is personalization. I mean, there are so many things you can do to really create a better experience for your users. A strategy that is tailored to fit them.

I love that personalization combines the power of data and translates it into real human interaction and emotions. It’s the perfect blend.

Just look at what you can do with Google Tag Manager or with platforms like Reactful. It’s amazing.

You can go so deep into this and we’re only scratching the surface.

7. What Growth Hacking strategy helped you grow your most important metrics? Please explain how.

The best growth strategy for me is always ‘start with listening’ and give constant value with everything you do, whether it be your product or content.

Eventually, people are using your product because they need to achieve something. The better you understand what they need from you, how you fit into their world and how you can give them real value – you will grow.

Now you need to understand how your product/marketing can offer more value through share buttons, better retention emails, a better product.

Listen to user interviews, listen to feedback on social media, listen to your analytics.

Just listen, listen, listen. And then give them what they want.

8. What is one pain point you have in the digital space that you wish someone could fix or idea someone should come up with?

I think my biggest pain point is time. Need more of it 🙂

9. Have you ever failed with an idea, campaign or growth hack? How did you overcome it?

Oh, there are so many fail stories. More than I can remember.

When your main goal is to grow companies that are struggling with their growth process, it means that you are constantly testing new things that have various chances for success. Usually, not performing as well as you’d initially expected.

You do many things and fine tune them.

I think my personal biggest failure is a client we’ve worked with (I won’t mention names here) that we just weren’t able to get traction to.

The reason it’s my biggest failure is because I couldn’t put my finger on why we were failing. I eventually told them that what we are doing just isn’t working and referred them another good friend who does growth. Sometimes you’re just not the right person for the job.

10. What are 3 of your favorite marketing software, technology, or tools?

The three I use the most often are:

Buffer, Google analytics and Google sheet.

11. What is the one book that you recommend our community should read and why?

Only one? My Kindle is over-packed with books. Choosing one is hard.

I would actually recommend people to read one of these three books: “Lean Analytics”, “Growth engines” or “Traction”

12. What inspires and motivates you on a personal level to be successful?

First of all, I love working. I love building stuff, I love inspiring people. I honestly just love putting in the work and seeing a business grow.

Most of my projects are around helping others achieve their goals.

If it’s mentoring entrepreneurs, helping startups grow or even giving talks.

It’s all about helping people achieve their dream and personal goals.

Helping others motivates me.

13. What people or companies should up and coming Growth Hackers seek out and learn from? (include websites, blogs or Twitter profiles)

There are so many great people giving value on this.

I actually wrote a blog post with 56 blogs every aspiring growth hacker should follow (

Other than that, it really depends on the type of “hacking” you are focusing on.

But for great tips I would constantly check in for new articles on

Great people to follow would be:

follow Morgan Brown (,

Nichole Elizabeth (

Talia Wolf (

Sujan Patal (

For great posts about optimizing Facebook ads I would check and

There is so much great content out here. These are just the ones that come to mind.

For blogs, I think the 56 blogs every aspiring growth hack needs to follow is a great start.

14. How can people connect with you? (Website Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, ext.)

The best way to contact me is through email (roy AT roypovarchik DOT com). But you can also follow me on Twitter ( and lately I’ve been putting extra time on Snapchat (handle: roypovar). I think it’s really the next big thing in the marketing world and if you want to get on it – this is the time.

I also manage to blogs:

A content marketing and growth hacking blog –

The inside of the entrepreneurial process –

I’m currently doing a 365 days writing challenge. So I’m writing a new blog post every day.

15. Where are you located? City + state (if in U.S.) or city + country (if not in the U.S.)

Currently I’m located in Israel, Tel Aviv. Right at the center of Startup Nation.

16. (Optional) What is your spirit animal?

Mmmm, I would say a Dolphin. Simply because I’ve recently learnt that “Only half of a dolphin’s brain sleeps at a time. The other half makes sure it comes up for water so it doesn’t drown.”

I think this sums up a lot of the entrepreneurial mindset.

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  • January 26, 2016 at 11:02 pm

    Great interview! Meditation has really started to become a trend amongst the tech circles as of late. I’ve also fallen into making it a habit over the last few months and it’s a great way to decompress and get the mind clear before tackling your week. I haven’t read “Growth Engines” yet — Looking forward to checking it out!

  • February 7, 2016 at 7:44 am

    Thanks for taking the time to read the interview. Yes, meditation is a life changer. I wish I knew more about it as a teenager.. 🙂

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