Daniel Kempe

Daniel is a co-founder of Quuu.co which provides hand-curated content suggestions to enhance your social media activity. Daniel has always learned better by doing, so has had many jobs in the past, including being a Designer, professional photographer, HP accredited Telecommunications Engineer, Builder and touch typist, all of which he learned on the job.

Daniel loves the startup world, connecting with new people and sharing success with them. He would always lend a hand to anyone with no expectation of something in return. Daniel’s passion shines through the tough times, he’s never failed, only learned something new and always says failure is to learn for next time.

In your opinion what is a Growth Hacker?

I see a “Growth Hacker” as a Creative Marketer and also a way to allow your users to market for you based on your knowledge of them. I love finding new “free” ways to grow.

Why do you, Growth Hack?

The conventional marketing methods will only take you so far. In between those methods, you should look at the many hacks you can introduce at any time to grow your company.

Are you currently Growth Hacking a company, project, app, or startup? If so give us a description and provide a link if you can.

My current startup Quuu.co provides hand-curated content suggestions to enhance your social media activity. A few hacks that we have implemented right now include the referral hack, whereby our users can earn more posts on the free plan for referring friends (20% referral acceptance rate in the first week). The payment hack, where we offer a discount for purchasing an annual subscription rather than monthly. The free stuff hack, where we offer a free ebook for providing an email address which also subscribes the user to our newsletter.

Describe your typical day, what it looks like and how do you make it productive?

Once my wife and kids have gone to school, I grab a coffee, sit at my desk and get started on our standard list of stuff we do each morning, which usually involves, emails, support requests, content curation, and social activity. We set out the day and get to work. It helps when you love what you do because passion comes easy!

What is one habit of yours that makes you more productive as a Growth Hacker?

Checking results and checking again. We love stats, so anyway we can improve them, we will give it a go, then do it again. Taking time off from work is also important, even though I’m rubbish at doing that… Again, my passion drives me through. The more you do, the more will happen.

What recent trend, marketing strategy, technique excites you the most right now?

Word of mouth always excites me, because no one can convince you to buy something better than a friend. We have our referral program in place now, but we’re looking at even more ways to use influencers to grow our startup and help others along the way.

As an individual, what is the one thing you do over and over and recommend everyone else do?(This could be lifestyle habit, productivity, or some secret ninja tea made from a flower found only at the top of a mountain.)

The one true thing that matters is Passion. If you don’t have passion for your product, you’ll fail. It’s so hard to grow a product from nothing to something. I built a product I wanted, and that I use myself each and every day. I love everything about Quuu.

What is one Growth Hacking strategy that has helped you grow your most important metrics? Please explain how.

The referral program has been our most popular hack so far and continues to grow each day. The power of a referral program is unlimited, 3 users turns to 9, 9 turns to 27, 27 turns to 81, 81 turns to 243 etc. Build up your marketing channels and the referral hack works its magic in the background on autopilot.

What is one pain point you have in the digital space that you wish someone could fix?

Make email actionable and useful. Connect emails to apps which allow you to use an email like it was part of the app in question. Emails could be so much more…

Detail one Growth Hack that has been successful for your growth goals.

Again, I have to say the referral program. It continues to successfully bring in new users for Quuu at no expense.

What are 3 of your favorite marketing software, technology, or tools?

Quuu.co (of course), Buffer.com and Intercom.io (Amazing product).

What is the one book that you recommend our community should read and why?

I’m not much of a reader, I’ve always learned better by doing, but when I do get 5 minutes, I enjoyed “Hooked”.

What inspires and motivates you on a personal level to be successful?

My passion for life. As long as I ‘m loving what I’m doing, I’m successful. If I make a bit of money for doing it along the way, then that’s just a bonus, plus my wife wants a Range Rover and the kids want to go to Disney World ;-).

What people or companies should up and coming Growth Hackers seek out and learn from? (include websites, blogs or Twitter profiles)

Learning from others experiences is awesome, so sites like GrowthHacker.ninja and GrowthHackers.com are great. Join in with some Slack groups as well, because there are so many people in the same place as you that are willing to help you.

How can people connect with you? (Website Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, ext.)

Our website is Quuu.co, you can email us on hey@quuu.co. My Twitter is @danielkempe and @Quuu_co, and my LinkedIn is here.

Where are you located? City + state (if in U.S.) or city + country (if not in the U.S.)

I’m in the UK, Quuu is based in London, Bristol and Plymouth, and we have two awesome guys in New York.


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