I went through the interviews on my site and collected 7 great insights and tips from company founders who have been in the trenches, growth hacking their way to the top!


1. Sophia Solanki Co-founder of DrumUp.IO

“Include lots of people and companies in your blog and other content, let them know that they have been mentioned/included and request them to share. Also, use the opportunity to network and kick-start relationships. This strategy not only gives a traffic bump, but is also great for building your network.”

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2. Michael Cheng – Founder of



“We go above and beyond to support bloggers who write about marketing tools. Encouraging our users to write about Sniply has been one of our most powerful content marketing strategies. We provide them with discounts and coupon codes to include in their posts so they can then in turn provide more value to their readers. We ensure that they understand the ins and outs of Sniply well enough to feel confident and comfortable to write about our tool. We always do our best to make the product experience a worthwhile experience for users to write about.”

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3. Nicholas Scalice – Founder of


“I like using lead magnets in blog posts to attract new subscribers. If you’re not familiar with this growth hack, you basically write a really compelling blog post on a specific topic, and then you create an exclusive download (like a short PDF) that adds on to your post. But, the key is that in order to get the exclusive download, your visitor needs to subscribe to your newsletter. So your readers walk away with even more content than they originally thought they’d get from the post alone, and you walk away with more subscribers.”

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4. Matt Bentley – Founder of


“I’m almost hesitant to reveal this one it’s worked so well for us and our startup clients. I call it the “Be Everywhere” strategy:

We have an internal tool called the Megaphone. Whenever someone writes something online that mentions one of our target keywords or a competitor — a blog post, a forum post, a Quora question, CNN article, etc.— the Megaphone analyzes the content to determine how important the page is, whether or not we can get the client on the page, and how relevant it is for us, then if it’s a good opportunity matches it to the employee or consultant who specializes in getting us linked or mentioned on that type of page.

As a result, anytime someone anywhere on the internet writes about one of our target topics like “keyword difficulty” or “SEO competitive analysis”, we can be there, contributing to the conversation, answering questions, building a relationship with the journalist, etc.
The Megaphone lets you be a part of every conversation. Done well, it will have your competitors saying “how are these guys f*ing everywhere?!!!”
Right now it’s just an internal tool for CanIRank clients, but we’re hoping to make a self-service version available as part of CanIRank’s suite of tools soon.”

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5. Karol Pokojowczyk – CEO, Founder of Colibri.IO

“The growth hacking idea is full of different activities that will lead you to a success. What works best for Colibri IO is a combination of SEO, content marketing and social media. To put it in plain english we find the demand, respond to it and find the influencers that can help out spreading the word.

Go the extra mile. Do better than the others. It pays off in quadrillion ways. It might sound vague, but that’s what growth hacking is all about. GH is not about using all marketing, sales and PR techniques. It’s about doing one thing better than the others.”

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6. Daniel Kempe: Saas Entrepreneur & Co-Founder of


“The referral program has been our most popular hack so far and continues to grow each day. The power of a referral program is unlimited, 3 users turns to 9, 9 turns to 27, 27 turns to 81, 81 turns to 243 etc. Build up your marketing channels and the referral hack works its magic in the background on autopilot.”

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7. Neil Patel Co-Founder of, and

Neil Patel

“One of the greatest lessons I learned from success is that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, one of my companies currently does well because its products are simple and easy-to-use, and I didn’t realize the power of it until later on. One of the biggest things I learned from failure is stick with what you know. I’ve tried a lot of different businesses that were good ideas, but if you don’t know it, stay away from it right? Just focus on what you’re good at.
Content is really working. And I know people are like “Oh content marketing’s played out, everyone already does it,” but people don’t write really, exceptionally good content. Like check out, check out, check out my personal blog, you’ll see that my content goes above and beyond. Like, if you really put in the time and energy to produce the best content out there, you’ll do well.”

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