Arunraj is an early stage startup entrepreneur, who is based out of Bangalore, India. He has worked as Business Analyst and Product Analyst in reputed firms for couple of years and now in the phase of setting up his own start-up. Currently he is engaged in two start-ups, one which offers IT services and other which is creating awesome mobile products and a product on Internet Of Things.

1. To you what is a Growth Hacker?

According to me, Growth Hacking is technique of leveraging Marketing activities using Technology. In simple terms, it is lean concept in the marketing world.

2. Why do you Growth Hack?

As an early stage start-up entrepreneur, I believe in making my start-up work in lean principles; not just when you develop products but also when you market it. Growth Hacking is cost efficient and effective in reaching your audience.

3. Are you currently Growth Hacking a company, project, app, or startup? If so give us a description and provide a link.

Yes. We just started our Growth Hacking process in our start-up. Some of Growth Hacking techniques we use are which can help you too are

a. Create an amazing landing page
b. Content is the king. Create awesome contents with good SEO and Keywords. Insert call to action in content somewhere that directs reader to landing page
c. Be active on social media. Share your contents regularly in Social Media and engage your users who engage you in Social Media.
d. I believe email marketing is still one of the effective way to get in touch with your customers. Use call-to-action button in your e-mails. Eg: “Upgrade your Account”, “Visit site”

4. What does your typical day look like and how do you make it productive?

We are small team, and we make our 30 days, 60 days and 90 days plan. We gather daily for 15min, discuss our progress, remove any roadblocks we face and track the progress of our plan.

5. What is one habit of yours that makes you more productive as a Growth Hacker?

Making a to-do list daily morning and ensure you stick to your daily to-do list. Track the progress regularly to ensure we are on right track.

6. What recent trend, marketing strategy, technique excites you the most right now?

Social Media Marketing. Social Media has moved far from connecting your friends and family to connecting businesses with customers. A positive word can create history in no time and a negative word can destroy your image in no time. It is not easy as it looks but it’s definitely lot of fun.

7. As a Growth Hacker, what is the one thing you do over and over and recommend everyone else do?(This could be life style habit, productivity, or some secret ninja tea made from a flower found only at the top of a mountain.)

The most common mistake we do is, we make plans but we miss to track it regularly. Tracking your plan is as important is as making your plan. Spend some time every day to track and measure where you stand.

It also helps you failing faster. In middle of execution if you feel you are in wrong direction, admit it and move on then and there rather than waiting till end.

8. What is one Growth Hacking strategy that has helped you grow your most important metrics? Please explain how.

Blogs and Twitter.

If you create awesome content, the content markets for your brand.
Twitter is one social media, I feel which is most effective in reaching to customers and to attract people to your blogs if you use right hashtags.

9. What is one pain point you have in the digital space that you wish someone could fix?

The most cost efficient and effective tool that helps you to measure your online marketing analytics. Preferably open source.

10. What is one Growth Hacking secret that you’re willing to give away to our readers?

Make, Follow and Measure your plans.

11. What are 3 of your favorite marketing software, technology, or tools?

Crowfire for tracking your twitter

Hootsuite for engaging your social medias

12. What is the one book that you recommend our community should read and why?

Growth Engineering 101: A Step by Step Guide on Growth Hacking for Founders, Product Managers and Marketers by Thomas Schranz

13. What people, or companies should up and coming Growth Hackers seek out and learn from? (include websites, blogs or Twitter profiles)

Follow growth hacking in quora and keep informed.


14. How can people connect with you? (Website Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, ext.)

I blog at
Quora –
Facebook –
Twitter –
EMail –
Skype – arunr.90

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